Solid Rock Bluegrass Gospel

Sharing the Gospel in Song ... Bluegrass Style!

About Solid Rock Ministries

We are a not-for-profit music ministry. All of our band members have full-time jobs and none of us are paid for our services. This is a ministry of love and all money that comes to the group in any form is put right back into the group to pay for travel, equipment, and recordings. We perform for churches, church functions, and charities on a love offering or honorarium basis and do not charge a set fee. We do charge a fee to perform for non-church-related events and festivals and the amount is determined on a case by case basis. Also please note that, while we love playing all good ol' bluegrass music, we play all Gospel music during our perfomances (with an occasional instrumental, of course).

Some History

The band formed as a Southern Gospel group in 1993. Shortly after starting, they drafted a tenor singer named Butch and a pianist named Rob. This was the beginning of a great friendship as the two new friends found that they both had some bluegrass roots. They started toying around with the guitar and banjo and got the rest of the group interested in incorporating an occasional bluegrass Gospel song. The audiences loved it because they rarely ever heard that type of music. After several personnel changes over a few years, Solid Rock became entirely a bluegrass Gospel band. And we are glad that we did.

Our Mission

The reason we devote our time and talents to this ministry is three-fold. First, we are thankful to God for blessing us with these abilities and we want to let Him use them for His glory. Second, with most of our performances being in churches we want to encourage the saints of God in their walk with Him. Finally, and most importantly, we want to share the Gospel of Christ with those who are lost. Jesus is a wonderful Savior and we want everyone to know that. If you are not a Christian and would lke to know how to become one, you can find out here.