Solid Rock Bluegrass Gospel

Sharing the Gospel in Song ... Bluegrass Style!

Band Members

If you're curious about the members of Solid Rock, here's a little info on each of the members.

  Butch Bunn - Rhythm Guitar / Tenor, High Baritone, High Lead Vocals
Butch was born in Fort Benning, Georgia. He got his start in music back in 1979 when he was asked to sing with a group, and got the woman's part. Butch is an amazing tenor and quite the guitarist. His trademark runs on his Martin guitar bring a warmth and rhythm that ties together all of the instruments in the band. He joined Solid Rock in 1993 and is now the senior member of the band (in more ways than one).
Butch is a master electrician at a very large manufacturing plant and, like all of us, works too hard and gets paid too little. But that's ok with him because he knows his true rewards await him in heaven. He loves hunting, playing golf, and (of course) playing and singing God's wonderous praises with his friends in Solid Rock. Butch has a very fundamental outlook on life and says, "If you keep your eyes on God, He will take care of all the other things." Now isn't that just about the most straight forward way to think of God's love for us?

  Joe Drumright - Mandolin / Baritone, Lead, tenor Vocals
Joe comes from Nashville, Tennessee where he perfected his picking talents under the guidance of his father. Joe's dad was a fantastic musician who played professionally with several groups (including Bill Monroe), so naturally Joe wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps. And follow he did! Joe is a master at the mandolin, guitar, and banjo. But, if you ask him, he's "still learning every day he picks up his mandolin." After years of professional picking and singing in his home state, Joe came to Virginia and took a hiatus from his music until 1996 when he joined Solid Rock.
Joe fondly remembers how he came to know Christ. "I got saved in the summer of 1969 at Oak Grove UMC in Hohenwald, TN at a revival." His favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, and he absolutely loves watching the NFL every chance he gets.
As Joe would tell you, "Keep your children close to the Lord, and they will bring joy to your heart."

  Rob Green - Banjo, Dobro / Bass, Baritone, Lead Vocals
Our regular comedian of the group (or so he thinks) was born in Hampton, Virginia and is a regular chip off the old block. At 10 years old he picked up the banjo after watching his dad's bluegrass band play for years and has come to be a great picker. His moment of finally coming to grips with His maker was in 1983 when he attented a revival at Victory Baptist Church and was saved. Rob is actually a licensed minister and is a great one to learn scripture with. Rob joined Solid Rock in 1993 (back in the Southern Gospel quartet days) where he truly developed his powerful low bass and baritone vocals.
Rob's an avid hunter, fisherman, and an obsessive Detroit Red Wings fan. If you ever ask Rob for a piece of advice, he will probably point you to scripture, like "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6.
Oh, and, "If you're going to be in a band, make sure the other guys look older than you. That way, when you're travelling and have to stop somewhere for food, gas, to play music, etc... you can call the other guys "Dad" or "Grandpa" and everyone will think you really are the baby of the group."

  Sam Hyde - Upright Bass / Lead Vocals
Brother-in-law to Rob Green (but please don't hold that against him), Sam has been a member of Solid Rock since February of 2006 and has definitely added a richness to the vocals and a steady thumping bass line to the group. Sam was also born in Hampton, Virginia and like the rest of the band got his start singing and playing at his church. Sam was saved in January of 1985 at Victory Baptist Church, Where his dad is the pastor. Sam is also a licensed minister.
Sam is a professional builder and has followed those ideals through his spiritual walk with the Lord by walking the straight and narrow and never taking his eyes off of the Lord. "Get saved and don't let life be too stressful," says Sam as he sets up a good 4/4 tempo for the band.
When asked what his favorite hobbies are, he says, "Hunting, fishing, hunting, fishing, hunting, fishing, hunting, fishing, hunting, fishing, hunting, fishing......." Oh, nevermind, you get the picutre.

  Caleb Hyde - Lead Guitar / Lead Vocals
Caleb is Sam's oldest son and while he and his brother were both born in Hampton, they are now right at home in the woods of Barhamsville, VA. Not only does he provide some fine flat-picking for the band, but he had also started contributing some lead vocals like his dad. He really loves playing the banjo but that instrument was already taken by his crazy uncle.
When he's not hunting, fishing, or playing music, Caleb is usually practicing hunting, fishing, or playing music. He's ready at the drop of a hat to hop in his new truck and head out after whatever is in season.

  Isaac Hyde - Fiddle / Tenor, Lead Vocals
Isaac is Sam's youngest son and he has been another great addition to the band. He can play whatever he picks up so the rest of us hide our instruments from him so he doesn't make us look bad. Oh yeah, and did I mention that he can sing too? His main instrument with us is the fiddle and his playing has given our music a wonderful new dimension.
I guess it comes as no surprise that he also loves hunting, fishing, and playing music. He seems to be a natural at all three. He is also the "new" baby of the group so make sure you pinch his cheeks the next time you see him.