Solid Rock Bluegrass Gospel

Sharing the Gospel in Song ... Bluegrass Style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we are often asked (and we'll add more as you ask more).

Q: What do you charge to play for a church?
A: Nothing. We will come on a love offering or honorarium basis.

Q: What is your most requested song?
A: Beulah Land - but we have a few that are catching up to that.

Q: What is the longest distance you have travelled to play?
A: The farthest we have travelled as a band to play would be to St. Louis.

Q: How often does the band practice?
A: Usually once a week, but that often depends on everyone's schedule and family commitments.

Q: How many instruments does Rob play?
A: 19, if you count the spoons and the Dr. Pepper bottle, although Isaac is catching up with him and plays most of them much better.

Q: How long has the band been together?
A: Butch and Rob started playing together as part of Solid Rock in 1993.